Bridging hearts and minds, through sign....

Sign Loud And Clear!   

Have you ever wanted to know why your baby was crying?

Would you like to reduce the frustration and tantrums of your toddler?

If you are a teacher, would you like to get control of your classroom?

How about bonding with your grandchild?

Would your 8 year old like to learn a 'secret language'?

Does your child's teacher use American Sign Language, and you want to learn for yourself?

You can now!    

Sign Loud And Clear! is dedicated to bridging hearts and minds of all ages through American Sign Language vocabulary, using the curriculum adapted from the educational and entertaining, Signing Time! dvd series.

Classes include: informational sessions, workshops, weekly classes, in-home parties, play groups, child centers, professional training, parent workshops, library story times.


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Why Sign when your child can hear? Find out here. 



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